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Wilddog Willow Runner

CODE: wilddog willow runner

Price: $12.00


The Willow Runner is made with size 5 willow blade in a variety of configurations with or without a holographic overlay.

This bait features a size 5 Willow blade, are 6" long and weigh 3/4 of a ounce each.

Wilddog Custom Tackle lures catch the biggest northern pike, bass, muskie and just about any species you can find in all water applications. We hand make every single lure you see here. All of our lures have reversible skirts that are easy to transform.

All lures come with:

  1. Eagle Claw 4x 2/0 hooks mounted on a 75lb capacity split ring.
  2. All shaft wire is .051 stainless with a 500+ lb capacity.
  3. Even though these lures were designed to catch large Northerns, they catch a variety of other species as well.
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