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Topwater Shad Model 600

CODE: 600

Price: $12.99

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Body Length: 3.125
Overall Length: 3.50
Weight: 25 grams, .90 oz
Dives to: 0 - 6 feet

Reeling the TopWater Shad slowly will leave a wake 10 - 15 feet long. The TopWater Shad runs from just under the surface to on top of the water, depending on how fast you are reeling the lure. After you cast the lure you want to hold your rod tip up when first starting to reel in the lure until you get the proper wobble or wake you desire. After that point you want to hold the tip of the rod down toward the water and keep retrieving the lure. It also helps to to point rod tip slightly off center of the bait. We recommend using at least 17lb. test line. I personally use braided line with this bait. It has a #4 Gamakatsu hook on the belly and a #2 Gamakatsu hook with white and chartreuse feather dressing including two strands of red tinsel. It's best used in the early spring to late fall. Fish will come from 35 feet deep to eat this bait on the surface.

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