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Thunder Shad Model 306 ~ 0-6 ft

CODE: 306

Price: $11.99

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Dives to 0-6 feet

Body Length: 2.25
Overall Length: 3.00
Weight: 11 grams, .40 oz

The 306 are the best casting and running flat baits you will ever use. They run well at slow speeds but a great fish catching technique is to burn these series very fast pausing briefly when they deflect off the bottom or near bottom objects.

The model 306 was designed to run 0 - 6 ft. and has a round bill with a tight wobble. This is a flat bait that runs true and can also be burned through the water. It's a good bait to fish around rocks and through grass.

Please note: The 306 model is a thin bait made from premium soft balsa and designed for excellence in action, vibration, and buoyancy. If you should hang up this bait, please use a lure retriever. Repeated violent tugs while hung up may snap the bait in two.

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