The Rod Glove

The Rod Glove

The Rod Glove is a protective sleeve that jackets your expensive fishing rods in a tight weave material that allows you to avoid tangles when storing several rods together. Rod gloves in 2 basic models: Casting Rod and Spinning Rod.

The Rod Glove for Casting Rods
Lengths: After working with rods from several different manufacturers with many different rod handle configurations, we are confident we have the two best standard length choices in the market. The two lengths available are: the 5.25' Standard Model, which is for a great length fit on rods from 6.5' up to 7.5' long and the 6.0' Xtra Long Model, which is for rods from 7.0' up to 8.5' long.
Diameter: We set out to find the perfect fit for casting rods - not too big and not too small. The expandable diameter of 5/8" to 1 5/8" allows you to slide this Rod Glove easily over your casting rods. No more fighting the sleeve over the last line guide.This style of Rod Glove is the nicest fit for casting rods on the market today!
The Rod Glove for Spinning Rods
Length:They are available in one length, which is the 5.5' Standard Model for rods 6.0' up to 7.5' long.
Diameter: The expandable diameter of 1" to 2 1/2" allows you to slide this Rod Glove easily over your spinning rods for the perfect fit.