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SkippyFiSH ~ 6"

CODE: SF-SkippyFiSH 6"

Price: $4.69


6 inch SkippyFiSH comes in bags of 8

SkippyFiSH lures trigger the genetic response in all game fish to attack! They can't resist, They must FEED! This is the most realistic LIFE LIKE TECHNOLOGY ever used to catch fish. All SkippyFiSH lures are injected with the perfect blend of SCENT to give you the maximum advantage. The life like texture of our lures force fish to hold on longer. SkippyFiSH can be used to skip under docks, trees and other hard to reach areas where bass and other game fish like to hide. Grass beds and Lilly pads are no match for SkippyFiSH. Our lures are completely weedless. Catch fish were other lures would never think of going. SkippyFiSH are great for drop shot rigs & carolina rigs. Try them on jig heads as a swim bait for suspended fish. Multiple skips across the water simulate bait fish scattering and running for their lives as predator fish begin to feed and FEED they will, plant your feet, hold onto your rod and Enjoy the Ride, for you are ...SkippyFiSH!

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