Revolution Baits DS Finesse Worm ~ 5"

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Revolution Baits DS Finesse Worm ~ 5"

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Price: $5.00

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The 5" DS Finesse worm is poetry in motion in the water, we dare you to try and keep this bait still. Made of super-soft max-flex plastic, this bait stands straight out and has a tantalizing wiggle from wave action alone. These worms are loaded with sweet and salty flavors, all baits are phthalate-free. 12 pack bags are $5.00.

ECO Friendly
We specialize in hand crafted soft plastic baits for bass fishermen (and women!) that are different than the off-the-shelf varieties. Our baits are all "green" and phthalate-free. Less chemicals, less chemical odor. We inspect each lure individually to make sure it passes our standards. Your satisfaction is our guarantee. Period.
About Revolution Bait Co.
Revolution Bait Co, LLC was started because we saw a gap in the existing market for our products. We are friends with several "small" companies within the business and have great respect for their craftsmanship. We are filling a void for some products that had not been previously offered, most often in colors and patterns that are not offered..
Custom Pours
Each lure is hand poured or hand injected (depending upon bait), cured, and individually inspected for quality and consistency
Field Tested
We have tested each bait for color, consistency, "catchability", action, and quality extensively on inland waters and resevoirs, rivers, the Great Lakes and its connecting waterways. Is that an extremely intensive process? Yes, because they have our name on them.
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