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Mike's Original Recipe - Krazy Koffee

CODE: mor-koffee

Price: $6.99

Mikes Original Recipe fish attractant

Only Available In The 2 Ounce Size.

Mike's Original Recipe's Krazy Koffee is on of the most potent coffee scents available.

Mike's original is not just another fish scent, it is also a lubricant that helps your plastic lures slide and glide through the weeds and grass leaving a trial of scent and natural lubricant in its path triggering strikes. The lubricant scent is sprayed on your baits and helps buzz baits and spinner baits work much better and also allows them to also come through the grass and weeds with less resistance.

Mike's Original Recipe Fish attractant is manufactured in the USA and uses all natural ingredients, all natural flavors. Mike's Original Recipe is safe for humans and pets. MOR contains no chemicals. This product is safe for our environment. It is edible for humans ( put it on your sandwich if you like).

100% Money back Guarantee.

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