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Mike's Original Recipe - Federal Hill Garlic

CODE: mor-garlic

Price: $5.99

Mikes Original Recipe fish attractant
  • 2 oz. - $5.99
  • 8 oz. - 8.99
  • 1 gallon - $69.99

Everyone knows that Garlic scent does work however most Garlic scents are imitation. Mikes Original Recipe Federal Hill Garlic scent is made from real fresh garlic and other natural ingredients in a proprietary blend Mike's Original Recipe simmers the ingredients, cools them and then pours them into our bottles and our gallon containers. When you smell this scent you will think you are getting ready to have an Italian dinner.The scent is available only in 2 ounce , 8 ounce and gallon containers. This will have your bait sending out this aroma while it is in the water. Not just a scent but a powerful lubricant to help your baits glide through cover easily.

In a recent test we put one little spray of Mike's Original Recipe Federal Hill Garlic on a twin tail grub and caught a fish in 46 degree water temp and 40 casts later you could still smell the Garlic.

Mike's Original Recipe Fish attractant is manufactured in the USA and uses all natural ingredients, all natural flavors. Mike's Original Recipe is safe for humans and pets. MOR contains no chemicals. This product is safe for our environment. It is edible for humans ( put it on your sandwich if you like).

100% Money back Guarantee.

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