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Mad Bass Chatter Bugs

CODE: mb-chat

Price: $6.00

The "Chatter Bug" is MAD BASS signature bait design. A very versatile bait, can be jigged, hopped, jerked andjust simply retrieved. The vibration will drive fish "MAD" but your imagination will provide more action and results.

1/4 oz @ $6.00 or 3/8 oz @ $6.25

Over the past decade bass fishing styles and techniques have changed enormously. After many years of pleasure and competitive fishing, I concluded it was important that to keep pace with those changes Northwest anglers should have local access to baits that supported those techniques. Our goal has been to design baits that reflected the various forage found in the Northwest waters, plus, making them readily available to all anglers.

We feel we have accomplished that endeavor by extensive research and sharing our product with various skilled anglers and tournament competitors. Some of our baits are unique but most are taken from tried and true designs with some modifications and improvements. The whole concept behind our bait making and designs is quality and performance. We spare nothing in providing the best we can offer. You will find that quality in the suppleness of our plastics, the quality of our components and the partnerships we have with other custom bait makers that provides us with other high end product to enhance our full line. Our desire is to provide you the angler with as many options of high end baits to be successful either as a weekend angler, serious trophy hunter or the semipro/pro competitor.

We at MAD BASS Custom Baits have only one desire; we are simply fishermen who want to provide a product that makes good fishermen better.

Our motto (Quality over Quantity)

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