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Lock Jaw Swimming Jig

CODE: LJ-swim jig

Price: $3.45

lock jaw jigs

Here is a great all around jig.This is My personal favorite jig head because I can fish it in Grass,Weeds,Rocks,open water just about any structure or cover your fishing this jig will do it.The Life like 3-D eyes make this a more fish looking jig than others,This jig is also availible with a Mustad Ultra point EWG hook.I have them in 5 Sizes up to 1oz. I have not yet gotten the big ones listed but if interested please email or call me.

  • Mustad ultra point hooks
  • Hand Tied Skirt
  • Powder Painted and Baked
  • Trimmed Fiber Weed Guard
  • Custom Added trailer Keeper
  • Quality and tournament proven Hand tied bass fishing jigs