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Lock Jaw Football Jig

CODE: LJ-football jig

Price: $3.45

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lock jaw jigs

4 sizes of Football jigs. As with all of the lockJaw Jigs They are Built from a Super Sharp Mustad Ultra Point hooks. The Straight eye hook option is a thicker wire hook. This hook is nice to have when your fishing heavy cover and using heavier tackle. The Flat eye hook option is a lighter wire hook which is great for fishing lighter line,tackle and cover. Powder painted for a really nice looking hard and gloss finish.Jigs are all hand tied so you will never throw another skirt during a cast,or even have one move on the jig. All the fiber weed guards are trimmed so that you don't have to just buy the jig and fish it as it! This also allows for a superior hook set, The hook is more exposed and open to be set on bites, yet remain weedless. The added trailer keeper saves you money on trailers at the tackle shop and time on the water fixing floppy trailers.

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