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Lock Jaw Bleeding Series Jig

CODE: LJ-bleeding jig

Price: $3.45

lock jaw jigs

NEW Bleeding Series jigs! Using red thread,and the red strands that are left long to create a bleeding wounded baitfish look to the jig. If you enjoy swimming jigs for hungry bass than the Custom Bleeding Series Bass jigs are for you. Twitch this bait through grass fish them around wood with a erratic action the long red strands will attack fishes attention and hold on! Powder painted for a really nice looking hard and gloss finish.Jigs are all hand tied so you will never throw another skirt during a cast,or even have one move on the jig. All the fiber weed guards are trimmed so that you don't have to just buy the jig and fish it as it! This also allows for a superior hook set, The hook is more exposed and open to be set on bites, yet remain weedless. The added trailer keeper saves you money on trailers at the tackle shop and time on the water fixing floppy trailers.

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