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Leverage Landing Net WB-2250 w/Case

CODE: LLN-WB2250 w/case

Price: $125.00


The WB-2250 has a 22-1/2" hoop and is perfect for Walleye and Bass. Specially packaged with Rugged Nylon Carrying Case.

leverage landing net

The world’s first collapsible net with one-handed deployment and netting capability using this uniquely designed leverage handle. This high quality, exquisitely designed and engineered landing net is a must for fisherman who wants the best.


  • Our groundbreaking design and engineering results in the most convenient, versatile features of any net on the market.
  • The unique handle design gives fishermen the ability to land fish with one arm while creating extra strength with leverage.
  • Easily deployed by a push of the thumb creating fast one handed operation in netting the fish.
  • Traditional landing nets are long, wide and clumsy - tough to stow in any boat or vehicle , but the Leverage Landing Net can be collapsed and folded into a compact, convenient, storable package with its own carrying case.
  • Our rubber-dipped nylon nets are knotless, meaning fewer tangles and hook snags. This is gentler on the fish’s protective coating thus ideal for catch and release.

leverage landing net

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