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Larry The Lizard's Rattlin' Frog-N-Craw ~ 4"

CODE: LTL - 4 inch frog-n-craw

Price: $6.99


The Larry The Lizard 4 inch Frog-N-Craws 5 to a pack (some pictures show Frog-N-Craw with a jig; jig is not included and shown for demonstration purposes only).

This bait has a very slow sink rate enabling you to fish it anywhere in the water column. It can be fished on top as a frog bait with the lively leg action or fish it weighted like a craw or hook it to the back of a jig. Truly one of the most versatile baits you can fish

Each bait is specially designed with custom "Patent Pending" designs, that offer the most life like appearance, action, and invoke the classic distress sounds that promote vicious strikes. Each bait is hand-crafted with high quality glass rattles that promote the distress sounds. These baits maximize the realistic characteristics of the prey they mimic. They look, act, swim and sound like the real thing, and Bass can stand it!

larry the lizard


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