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Date added: 03/22/2011 The Rod Glove fishing rod sleeves protect one of your biggest investments.
the rod glove

The Rod Glove is a one of a kind fishing rod sleeve that will save you money and hassles. Quality fishing rods can cost hundreds of dollars. Why wouldn't you want to protect that? Rods get all tangled up when their in your truck or the rod locker of your boat. Why wouldn't you want to avoid those hassles? The Rod Glove is the solution to these common problems. The GMan Gerald Swindle thinks they’re pretty awesome too.

More info on The Rod Glove:

  • The Rod Glove is proud to supply the Fishing Industry with 100% North American made product.
  • The Rod Glove will protect the investment that you have made in your fishing rods, making them last longer and keep them looking great!!
  • All the material and the labor to assemble this product comes from right here in North America!

The Rod Glove comes in spinning and casting models and both have wide choices of colors.  The great thing about that is you can use multiple colors to help keep your rods organized and quickly select them from a stuffed rod locker.

We now carry the complete line of  The Rod Glove products and each comes with the Independent Tackle brand printed on them.  Pretty Cool.

The Rod Glove - Casting Rod Sleeve


The Rod Glove - Spinning Rod Sleeve