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Date added: 03/03/2011 The BulletBobber puts your bait in front of more fish.

ctober 8th, 2010

the BulletBobber

When we first saw the BulletBobber we were impressed.  Not very often do you see something that you know can change the way you fish.  The BulletBobber can cover more water from the bank or from the boat.

Here is more Bullet Bobber info.

The BulletBobber is NOT just another bobber, it is a castable mini planer board with on-demand direction control. And the easiest way to describe what they do is to say that they “SKI” and flip direction and color with a flick of the wrist!

BulletBobers were the first fishing float to minimize or eliminate the need to recast and the DualFin is the second with added “in-line” features for trolling.

BulletBobbers and DualFins make fishing more FUN-ctional and PRO-ductive!

There have been many fishing lure, fishing float or bobber and planer board inventions but none provided directional control. Fly rods are good for hitting a spot repeatedly but you can only reach so far and the presentation is by drifting or pulling thru a spot in one direction. Centerpin fishing is also good for river fishing but if you let out 100 yards of line you have to real it in and they only offer limited control of where your bait goes. You have more control where your bait goes if you are boat fishing but still you are casting and reeling on straight line or jigging up and down on a straight path.

There are so many styles of bank fishing and even more styles for fishing boats. Often we start with the smallest of water craft and work our way up from belly boat fishing, kayak fishing, canoe fishing, john boat fishing, bass boat fishing, and on up to offshore sportfishing boats. With any size boat you can take advantage of trolling techniques that get your bait or lure down using fishing weights or down riggers dipsy divers, jet divers or spread them out using out riggers, in-line planer boards or big planer boards that run off a mast.


The BulletBobber and DualFin gives you a new technique and the fish a new presentation that can be used by all fishermen from shore or any boat. And it doesn’t matter if you are Crappie fishing, Walleye fishing, Trout fishing, Coho Salmon fishing, King Salmon fishing, Steelhead fishing, Bass fishing, Muskie fishing, Pike fishing, Catfish fishing, Carp fishing, fishing for Blues or Reds, Mackerel fishing, fishing for Barracuda, Tuna fishing having your lure or bait move sideways and flip direction with a flick of the wrist can catch more fish when saltwater fishing or freshwater fishing.

The Point is: BulletBobber techniques TRUMP all other fishing methods and it doesn’t matter what kind of rod you use. Even if you use a hand line (no rod or reel) you can take advantage of the directional control and reach places that no one else can reach and keep your lure active in the water longer!

Get the BulletBobber Today!