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Feeding Frenzy Strictly Striper Chum Tub

CODE: ff-striper

Price: $9.99

Feeding Frenzy Inshore Flats Chum

Our Striper Tub was designed for use in all waters when targeting Striper! Our formula includes Green Crab, Clam, and three different types of oil including Menhaden, Cod, and Sardine to draw the fish into your baits! Our Strictly Striper Formula comes in a 16 oz Size Tub.

Drifting or slow trolling works best, but you can use it for a high-speed troll. This will give you even scent distribution as well as insure you get maximum duration from the product. This then acts like a scent-releasing teaser and protects your chum from fish who would try to take the chum tub.

My favorite method is to suspend the tub in a dispenser below the boat using your depth finder to find the depth the school is working. The school will hold on this scent and will not move unless spooked. When fishing from a pier or the beach, you may want to put in a dispenser or net bag and throw it out and secure to the handrail or sand spike on the beach. 
Depending on current and water temperature, our chum will last up to ten hours. You can reuse it if you store it as dry as possible and within it's original tub, but use it within a couple of days to get maximum duration and strength!