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Feeding Frenzy Shark Formula Chum Tub

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Feeding Frenzy Inshore Flats Chum

Our Shark Tub was designed for use in all water conditions when targeting ALL Shark species! Our Shark tubs contain Bonito/Little Tunny Blood, Fish Blood Meal, Menhaden, and Cod oil to really draw the sharks into your spread! We recommend using a hard sided dispenser when using our Shark formula as sharks find it irresistible. Tie the chum off securely and with a medium strength twine to allow a really big shark to take the chum, but not damage your boat or “steal” your cleat. Our Shark Chum Tubs come in a 16 oz Size!

Every shark fisherman has his or her own technique, but one of my favorites is to drift with the chum in a dispenser about 15' below the surface. As the oils in the chum rise in the water, they distribute the scent throughout the water column and insure a stronger, unbroken chum line. I like to drift cuts right off shore, or at the mouths of inlets or off points near shore. Offshore, I look for water temperature, structure, bait schools, birds, or other signs of activity and drift those lines using the same technique.

When bottom fishing for sharks, place the tub within a dispenser on the bottom up current of the fishing area. Our powerful scent trail will draw the shark toward your baits! Some fisherman use a dispenser under marker buoys and drift through the scent line repeatedly to maximize their fishing opportunities. Always remember to recover your buoys and line to insure we do not leave any unsafe material in the water.

Our Shark formula can also be used with traditional chum techniques to augment scent and insure an UNBROKEN scent trail, which is critical in this quest for shark. Even the most diligent of shark fisherman will have to take a break while chumming to tend a line, run to the head, or get a drink. With our chum, you will not have a break in your chum trail!

Depending on current and water temperature, our chum will last up to ten hours. You can reuse it if you store it as dry as possible and within it's original tub, but use it within a couple of days to get maximum duration and strength!