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Feeding Frenzy Inshore Flats Chum Tub

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Price: $5.99

Feeding Frenzy Inshore Flats ChumOur Inshore Tub was designed for use in shallow or slow moving currents and is good for all species of saltwater game fish including: Redfish, Tarpon, Striper, Sea Bass, Snapper, Snook, Black Drum, Tautog, Bonefish, Fluke/Flounder, Spotted Sea trout, Permit, Whiting, and Sheepshead! Our formula includes Shrimp, Squid, Crab, Clam, Fishmeal, and three different types of oil including Menhaden, Cod, and Sardine to draw every predator living in Saltwater! Our Inshore Formula is available in 8 oz Tubs.

We recommend using this chum in slow to moderate currents in water less than 20' deep. You can toss this out and it will stay on the bottom and will not drift or roll!

Dock, Pier, Surf, and Wade Fishing is much more productive using our Inshore tubs! Just toss a tub out to your fishing area and cast your bait or lure nearby! Hang on, as you will see your catches improve dramatically! You can bag it and toss it, or just let it settle to the bottom if you will be in the same place for a while. This will lessen the chances of a fish getting tangled with your bag line.

If boating, anchor and place the chum as far from your boat as possible, but within casting range. Certain species of fish are quite spooky around boats and the intent is to draw the fish to your bait, not the boat. If you are tying the Chum off to your boat, I try to weight the line to lessen the chance of a hooked fish getting tangled up with it. I use Barrel Sinkers and a good nylon twine that I can reuse. I tie the 1/4 oz weights about every five feet and keep it stored wrapped around a piece of PVC, but even a soda can will do. Be sure to securely tie off the twine to your boat, as big fish will try to "steal" your chum!

Offshore fisherman love to use our Inshore Tubs to catch bait! Toss a tub in the water to double or even triple your numbers of Pinfish, Menhaden, or other baits using your Cast net or Sabiki Rigs! Try it and you will see how much easier we make it to fill the bait well!

Depending on current and water temperature, our chum will last up to five hours. You can reuse it if you store it as dry as possible and within it's original tub, but use it within a couple of days to get maximum duration and strength!

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