DualFin In-Line Planer Boards

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DualFin In-Line Planer Boards

CODE: dualfin

Price: $16.95

dualfin planer board


  • The DualFin only WEIGHS 1 OUNCE (no lead) and is only 6” long
  • The DualFin uses SURF BOARD action to keep them riding high with two high visibility colors.
  • The DualFin can be used on either side of the boat at any time.
  • The DualFin has no sharp corners or brackets sticking out. Its football shape is practically tangle proof.
  • The DualFin is made of a high density memory foam that is as tough as rawhide! You can bend it in half and it returns to shape!
  • The DualFin only releases when a fish pulls but easy to reel in without releasing.
  • The DualFin can be used in fresh or saltwater.

how to pull a planer board

  • The DualFin can be cast for river fishing or walking the shore line.
  • The DualFin has a sensitive line release, yet keeps the lure or bait connected until a fish strikes.
  • The DualFin can handle fairly big lures at speeds up to 5 mph.
  • The DualFin is USER FRIENDLY with the quickest and simplest rigging method.
  • The DualFin has ON-DEMAND DIRECTION CONTROL and can get in tight to shore where fish are spawning or hiding.
  • It is one thing to troll and another thing to excite fish with a 180 degree direction change that looks like a bait fish in distress.


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