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Denali Rosewood Shadow Spinning Rods


Price: $179.00

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Denali Rosewood Shadow Spinning Rods

denali rosewood shadow rods

Name Model Type Length Action Flex Price
Finesse 782FR Spin 6' 6" Med Fast $179
Drop Shot 842DS Spin 7' Med Mod Fast $189
Shakey Head 843SH Spin 7' Med Hvy Mod Fast $189

Denali’s Rosewood series offer outstanding performance and sensitivity.This 13 rod series could be considered the workhorse of the Denali lineup, covering most every major bass fishing technique. This series has proven to be the choice rod for hard core tournament fishermen.

The rear grip features an Ergonomic split-grip system providing a positive grip with increased weight reduction. The Rosewood series utilizes maximum grade AAA Portuguese cork. The design is not just an option available on any rod, but only on Denali’s rods. This design came from lots of testing to find a grip that contours to the natural curve of the hand to provide maximum fishing comfort.

Foregrips are made from an exotic Rosewood stabilized hardwood. This fore-grip denotes a Denali trademark quality fishing rod. Though this does add a nice look to the rod, our reason for doing it was not only for the look, but mainly because it makes a better fishing rod. The wood foregrip will aid tremendously in transmitting vibrations as it is a very dense material, much moreso than cork and eva. And after five years of fishing your foregrip will still look new, unlike cork which will blacken and lose its fillers.

Reel Seats are a traditional quality graphite reel seat which insures a positive reel fit. Feel every bite with the high grade graphite material and the exposed blank design.

Hi-Modulus BSTI-10 blanks are truly “state of the art” providing an extremely light and sensitive touch. The end result is a rod that is light, sensitive, and durable … so durable that Denali Rosewood Rods carry a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Another major component in the Shadow Rods are the guides, the same found in our high end Noirwood Rods. ALPS Light XN guides are 28% lighter and are made with SS316 Stainless Steel providing strength and corrosion protection. The ring lock concept guide virtually eliminates the nagging issue of the ceramic insert popping out. The stainless guide is beveled on the inside so the ceramic locks inplace. The larger guide surface also protects the ceramic from impact, and at the same time allows for a larger glue reservoir. These guides have been tremendous to date.

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