Champlain Bait Co. Black Gold Spinnerbait

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Champlain Bait Co. Black Gold Spinnerbait


Price: $6.50


Weight: 3/8 oz.

Champlain Bait Co. designed the Black Gold spinnerbait to catch BIG fish. This is a confidence bait you can count on. The design is based on years of on the water R+D and was made to target the largest bass and pike your body of water has to offer. When burned close to the surface the Black Gold spinnerbait creates a huge wake that fish can't ignore.

Champlain Bait Co. makes each spinnerbait using a proprietary processes and materials in order to create the most beautiful patterns that fish crave at a cost most anglers can afford. We use the most environmentally friendly materials possible, but have spent 2 years testing these baits to make sure they are also among the most durable baits you can buy.

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