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Bass Assault Flipping Jig

CODE: ba-flipping jig

Price: $3.19


Like the venomous scorpion, this highly evolved jig sits poised to deliver a toxic strike at its prey. The wide protrusion of the head with a flat bottom provides extreme stability and balance to this design. The pronounced brow and recessed eyes serve to anger and entice its prey. And when he bites, the Poison Tail Jig bites back with the Mustad Modified Wide-Gap Impact Hook, digging in with stinging hooksets – faster and more powerful than other jigs you have tried. Add the Poison Tail Jig to your arsenal, and get ready to latch onto the big catch.

Our line of Poision Tail Flipping Jigs all feature a Powder Painted Head, a "Mustad Ultra Point" Wide Gap hook, 60 strand silicone skirt and optional rattles already attached to the jig. You have five head sizes to choose from. Hook sizes are 1/4oz - 2/0, 3/8oz - 3/0, 1/2oz - 4/0, 3/4oz - 4/0 and 1oz - 5/0. (All Jigs shown with optional attached rattles)

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