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5" Lil Harvo Jointed Lure

CODE: harvo-5 jointed

Price: $14.99


The New Lil Harvo 5" lures are a necessary addition to any tackle box! These lure have been designed for early season Muskie, year round northern Pike and the Salmon LOVE them!! Get yours today.

Harvo Muskie lures, tested and designed in world famous Lake St. Clair! You may need to make some adjustments to your new lure during fishing. If your lure runs left or right, bend the front eye the opposite direction. Small changes make big differences, so be sure to run the lure along your boat before setting the bait. Harvo lures are designed to run between 3.0 and 5.5 mph, and will run to various depths with weight. Typical depth with no weight is 1-3'. Each Harvo Lure is Handmade, hand painted and hand sealed. Each lure goes through an intensive 3 day process of carving, sanding, sealing, painting, sealing and final assembly. Harvo lures are designed to run eratically, darting left and right but maintaining a straight pull behind the boat. Harvo lures drive Muskie crazy with their lifelike movements.

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